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Cancer Bioinformatics for Updating Anticancer Drug Developments and Personalized Therapeutics

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 2 ]


Da-Yong Lu*, Rong-Xin Qu, Ting-Ren Lu and Hong-Ying Wu   Pages 101 - 110 ( 10 )


Background: Last two to three decades, this world witnesses a rapid progress of biomarkers and bioinformatics technologies. Cancer bioinformatics is one of such important omics branches for experimental/clinical studies and applications.

Methods: Same as other biological techniques or systems, bioinformatics techniques will be widely used. But they are presently not omni-potent. Despite great popularity and improvements, cancer bioinformatics has its own limitations and shortcomings at this stage of technical advancements.

Results: This article will offer a panorama of bioinformatics in cancer researches and clinical therapeutic applications-possible advantages and limitations relating to cancer therapeutics. A lot of beneficial capabilities and outcomes have been described. As a result, a successful new era for cancer bioinformatics is waiting for us if we can adhere on scientific studies of cancer bioinformatics in malignant- origin mining, medical verifications and clinical diagnostic applications.

Conclusion: Cancer bioinformatics gave a great significance in disease diagnosis and therapeutic predictions. Many creative ideas and future perspectives are highlighted.


Cancer bioinformatics, cancer stem cells, cancer therapy, drug developments, drug response predictions, neoplasm metastasis, personalized cancer therapy.


Shanghai University, Shanghai 200444, Nanjing General Hospital of Nanjing Military Command, Jiangsu Province, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200444, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200444

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